Paired & Small Group Personal Training

The cost effective alternative to 1-2-1 Personal Training.

Small Group Training allows you to train together, get results fast, have fun, keep each other accountable and lowers the cost. You will receive all the added benefits of 1-2-1 Personal Training, while enjoying the experience with a partner, friends or relatives.

Each session will include the exercise element, but I will also give you information on nutrition by analysing your diet. In addition, I will provide advice on any activities you can be doing outside of our sessions to complement your goals.

The majority of your Personal Training sessions will be held at Troy Lake Personal Training HQ, which is located just behind Kwik Fit in Redcar. My own private gym boasts all the latest fitness equipment to help you reach your goals.

Small Group Training can be carried out in pairs (1:2), three's (1:3), fours (1:4) or fives (1:5). Sessions are either booked as solo ‘pay as you train’ sessions or in blocks of 10 or 20.

Your sessions will be planned around you. Your commitments and work schedule will be taken in to consideration when booking all of your sessions.

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Troy will not only give you a workout, he will fill you with confidence to change your life for the better.