Vicky - Weight Loss

Vicky - Before and after

Vicky attends Personal Training with her Mum Carole, who has also had an incredible transformation. Vicky, like her mum, is a joy to be around. They are happy, hard working and fantastic clients. Not only has Vicky lost weight, but she has also toned up and her fitness has improved dramatically. She hammers out full press ups like they're nothing! My next mission is to get her off the wine, but if she carries on making progress like this, maybe I can let her off! Vicky also attends Fit Farm Bootcamp.

"I began training with Troy a few months ago with my Mum. We were both looking to lose weight and tone up, but didn't expect that we would do it so quickly! Troy is very easy going and approachable, he doesn't shout or scream, but he has us working hard and I regularly leave our sessions sweating buckets and usually aching for days! I enjoy the sessions as there is always plenty of variety and you never know what to expect."

I have varied between very big and reasonably small over the years, but this is the first time I have ever had the support to do it sensibly and sustainably and its thirty years since I felt this fit!