Stu - Weight Loss & Improve Fitness

Stu - Before and after

I've known Stu for a lot of years. Stu used to come to my Boxercise classes when I used to work in a chain of gyms. It really means a lot that he has stuck by me all this time and he has now become a really good friend. His goals in PT were weight loss & improve general fitness.

"I've known Troy for a long time and his love for the industry hasn't changed one bit! From group boxercise classes back in the old days to the smirk on his face when he makes you do 5000 burpee's as a finisher in a 121 session. He still has the same appetite to succeed which is what I believe has made me wanting more!"

"I started out wanting to lose weight and improve general fitness. I had hit a wall just going to the gym. Now with Troys passion and professional approach, I've been knee deep in 2 total warriors, 1 muddy mayhem and even a 10km run. If you had said I would be doing that 2 years ago, I would have questioned your sanity! Troy is a down to earth guy with a great personality, something which helps if you are nervous about starting! Looking forward to more pain and results! (He also throws great Christmas parties!"

Troy will not only give you a workout, he will fill you with confidence to change your life for the better.