Steven - Weight Loss

Steven - Before and after

Steven was really nervous about starting PT, but I put him at ease straight away. Now, Steven has got some of the best results I've ever seen! Steven is my Mr Consistent. He shows up every week on time and no matter how bad, or how long a day he has had, he always puts in 110%. Steven works a lot of hours and it just goes to show, its not about having time, its about making time. If Steven can do it running a full time job AND a successful cake (yes- cake!) business, then anyone can do it! Steven continues to go from strength to strength and I'm really excited about our future sessions. Well done Steven!

"Since July I've trained with Troy once a week and I can't believe the difference one session a week can make! I was extremely apprehensive about starting, but I'm so glad that I did! Troy's working hours are brilliant for those of us who work crazy hours every week and therefore being 'busy' isn't an excuse. Troy some how manages to keep each session different from the last by incorporating new challenges & games. Hence his nickname . . . Troy 'Jigsaw ' Lake! The education you gain just by chatting during your PT session is also extremely valuable. By making those small changes to my diet it has also meant my partner, Karen has also lost a considerable amount of weight. Troy's other clients are also a great encouragement, everyone supports each other on social media from diet advice to general banter. I can't thank Troy enough for the last 5 months and look forward to carrying on with my PT sessions."

Troy will not only give you a workout, he will fill you with confidence to change your life for the better.