Stephanie - Weight Loss & Improve Fitness

Stephanie - Before and after

I'll always remember Steph's first session. She was very nervous, but very enthusiastic! I knew from that first session she would be a success, because she put in 110%. You could see the determination in her face that she wanted to change. When Steph first came to me, she was doing a few classes a week, but she needed something more tailored to her goals. She was stuck in a rut and she needed help. We also fixed her diet and eliminated a lot of 'sugary' items that she originally thought were healthy. I'm pleased to say, to date, Steph has lost over 2 stone and she looks great! Well done Steph!

"My main goal when I started training with Troy was to lose a little bit of weight and get fitter. Now, I have lost over 2 stone and have reached my 5k running target! I enjoy all of the Personal Training sessions as each one is different and they always push me to my limit. I particularly enjoy the Boxercise sessions, as it allows me to release any stress I may have built up from a long, busy day! Troy has also helped me enormously with my diet. I have completely changed my lifestyle thanks to Troy!".

Troy makes exercise fun - one week we will be playing ‘workout bingo’ and the next it will be a tough Boxercise session.