Sophie - Weight Loss & Tone

Sophie - Before and after

Sophie is one of those dream clients. She is hard working, dedicated and 100% committed to achieving her goals. She takes on board my advice and puts it into practice. She is constantly sending me photos of her meals and the food she has prepared. Sophie has lost a lot of weight and got herself in incredible shape and for that reason, I am extremely proud of her.

"I needed a push to get to my goals of being more toned and lean. Troy helped me do this by educating me on eating clean, which made me stop eating low-fat pre-packaged meals. Eating clean has not only helped me look better, but feel better (I also enjoy it too!) He is always there to help me, armed with good advice either on diet or exercise. Troy's 45 minute weekly personal training sessions are always planned catered to my needs and also help me know what to do in the gym (even if i look like a total pleb at times!) His down to earth, friendly approach to his work put me at ease straight away. I would highly recommend Troy to anyone needing a push to loose weight or tone up, or just feel healthier and fitter. I enjoy the good chat and hard work every week and plan to continue to do this to maintain my goal."

I was always one of those people making excuses not to exercise and now I can’t wait to get stuck in!