Sharon - Tone Up

Sharon - Before and after

I always remember Sharon's first session. You could tell she was nervous and very apprehensive about what to expect. Fortunately for Sharon, I am particularly good with people like that because I remember how I felt when I first went to the gym. As our sessions have gone on, she has gradually become more and more comfortable and this has been evident in her performances. Sharon will do anything I throw at her and she always works so hard. Sharon is now a regular here and I'm so glad she is because I have found an excellent client and a really good friend.

"I started training with Troy following a recommendation from a friend. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but his welcoming personality put me at ease. My reasons for training were not weight loss, but to learn alternative exercises due to an existing injury and I wanted advice on healthy eating and toning exercises. Troy's training sessions contain a variety of exercises which are different each week. They're fun, but tough! Troy isn't just my PT, he is also now a friend. I would recommend him to anyone who is wanting to make a lifestyle change."

I was nervous at first but Troy's approach calmed my nerves quickly.