Shane - Weight Loss & Improve Motocross Performance

Shane - Before and after

Shane started training with me because he wanted to lose weight and improve his Motocross performance. I trained him in the gym but we also worked outside. We did a lot of beach work, using the sand as resistance and really pushed him to his limits. Thankfully, Shane got the results he wanted. He lost weight and his Motocross performances were excellent, he felt much fitter on the bike.

"I began working with Troy when he worked in my local gym. I would see him regularly for a program update and information on diet. Troy would always go out of his way to help me in the gym, which is why when he left, I decided to take up Personal Training with him. Troy's sessions are innovative and motivating. I would never know what to expect and I liked that about the sessions. I got great results working with Troy and it also helped my motocross performance. I had to stop due to an injury, but I will be back again soon!"

After just 2 weeks of training with Troy, I started to see great results and felt 100% better in myself and for the first time, actually looking forward to training and building my strength and stamina.