Rachel - Weight Loss & Get Back In Shape After Baby

Rachel - Before and after

I thought I might have my work cut out with Rachel. On our first meeting, she told me she didn't really eat fruits or vegetables and was a fussy eater. I'm sure she won't mind me saying that a 'fussy eater' was putting it mildly! However, that said, Rachel and I have found ways of including fruits and vegetables in her diet,(smoothies/soups) to help her feel fuller for longer, more healthy and look awesome! Rachel trains with her Mum Dawn and they are both a pleasure to work with. They run a busy business, but still bring plenty of energy to our sessions. They are always early, they work hard and they get results! I said recently that I wish I had video'd their first ever session with me and compared it to what they're doing now...they have both done amazing!

"I started training with Troy to lose weight after I had a baby and was still eating like i was pregnant! I used to be fit and I've never had to diet before. Troy has been amazing and he has given me ways of eating healthily that are sustainable (as i'm a bit fussy!). I used to get nervous before a session with Troy, but now after a few months training, I look forward to it! I look forward to seeing what he has come up with next, as no two sessions are ever the same. I train with my Mum doing private 2 to 1 sessions. We chose Troy because he is working with some friends of ours and we couldnt believe the results they had achieved! We were skeptical to begin with, but now we are seeing huge changes in ourselves! We would recommend Troy to anyone. He is easy to get along with and he genuinly cares!"

Troy was recommended by numerous people and from my very first PT session he was completely professional and I could see why he's always fully booked!