Neil - Increase Lean Muscle Mass & Improve Core Strength

Neil - Before and after

Neil is a regular at my hardCORE abs class. He wanted to improve his core strength for playing Rugby, while getting rid of some stubborn fat. I believe we have done that and he is more than happy with his results. I enjoy working with Neil, as he is a big fan of the 'go hard or go home' approach and he puts in 110%.

"I have always trained hard myself and am extremely self motivated so going to a Personal Trainer was never something I have thought about, that was until I heard about some of the great things Troy was doing.

I have attended Fit Farm and Hardcore Abs, both of which are excellent and Troy has some innovative ideas that make working out hard, but fun and enjoyable at the same time.

Alongside the two sessions, I have also had some excellent advice on how to change my training methods as well as nutritional guidance.

As a coach myself, who expects high quality, I'm a huge believer in practicing what you preach, so to have Troy giving advice and guidance, who quite clearly lives and breaths his own methods is refreshing and is a walking, talking advert that his methods work.

I would highly recommend Troy to everyone, from a beginner to an advanced athlete that is looking for a change, he is honest, hardworking and committed to you, the individual as apposed to getting as many clients through the door or overflowing classes for the sake of pound signs."

I've lost 3 stone and I've never felt better! Thanks Troy!