Mike - Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Mike - Before and after

Mike is a runner and like some of my other clients, it was hard to change his perception of exercise. He was very much into cardio and didn't do a great deal in terms of weight training. I highlighted the benefits of weight training in conjunction with cardio and, well, his results speak for themselves! Now, he is a regular gym goer and enjoys lifting weights. Mike is a fantastic client, but he's such a nice guy I almost feel bad making him work so hard!

"I wanted to be in better shape and if possible, find some abs! Troy recommended a few tweaks to my diet and also included a lot more High Intensity Interval Training during my sessions. After only 6 weeks of training with Troy, I felt fitter, stronger and more lean. Troy is a fantastic PT, however, he has a strange taste in music! I highly recommend."

I have been training with Troy for six weeks and I have lost a stone in weight and can now see my abs!