Lora - Lose Weight & Get Back In Shape After Baby

Lora - Before and after

Lora actually messaged me asking about Personal Training before she had even had her baby. Therefore, I knew with Lora I would be getting a fully committed and motivated client. Lora first came to me a couple of months after having her baby and wanted to lose some weight and get back in shape. Lora explained to me that she enjoyed using weights and liked variety. During our time training together, we have carried out numerous different sessions and fortunately, she's loved every one! I'm still working on Lora's diet of wine and chocolate, but her results have been fantastic so I can't complain! Lora has also recently signed up to Fit Farm Group Personal Training.

"I started training with Troy a couple of months after having my baby because I wanted to lose weight and get back in shape. Troy was recommended by numerous people and from my very first PT session he was completely professional and I could see why he's always fully booked! The thing I like most about my PT sessions is that every single one is different, so I never dread a session because I never know what to expect! I also love the fact that Troy advises what to eat but doesn't preach and judge when I tell him I eat chocolate for breakfast!"

Troy is the Personal Trainer that everyone is talking about and you can see why!