Leigh-anne - Lose Baby Weight & Tone

Leigh-anne - Before and after

Leigh-anne takes part in Partner Personal Training with her partner Chally. She also attends HardCORE Abs on a Monday evening. When Leigh-anne first came to me, she told me she wanted to lose her baby weight and eventually 'be a machine'. She has done just that. Leigh-anne's sessions have been mainly made up of weight training, circuits and Boxercise which she absolutely loves! She has also made a massive effort with her diet and has gone from eating take aways most nights of the week, to not eating any! Leigh-anne has had three kids and has had to work very hard, but I'm really proud of her!

"My training with Troy started due to low self esteem and feeling down after having my third baby. I expressed my feelings to my doctor and his instant solution was I should take anti depressants! I felt really let down by this, as it wasn't the answer I was looking for. I knew I wasn't depressed, I was just feeling low and needed a 'pick me up', so I started looking at natural ways to lift your mood and exercise was top of the list. I got in touch with Troy and it really has changed my life! My mood was so low at one point that I was booked in to have cosmetic surgery! But then, thankfully, cancelled as things just started getting better and better! My energy levels went up, my mood was better and I started to feel a whole lot better about my self and this was all due to Troy and his training. I was so nervous about going at first, as I felt I was too unfit, but he has made me feel so comfortable going and part of the 'Troy Team'. I really am thankful for having him training me, he's not only saved me money from potential surgery, but he's also stopped me going down a path where I may have taken medication to improve my self esteem. Thank you Troy!!!"

Troy has helped our whole family, he's educated us about what foods to eat so now there is always something healthy on the table at home.