Kirsty - Weight Loss

Kirsty - Before and after

I'll be honest, when Kirsty first started training with me, I didn't think she would stick it out. She arrived to her first session with one of my other clients and although she did what I asked, she moaned and wouldn't stop talking about wine! Little did I know, she would still be doing that a year down the line! Kirsty, I'm glad to say, proved me wrong and she has become one of my most successful clients to date losing a whopping 2 stone! Kirsty still moans, maybe even more than she used to (she knows me a lot better now) but as long as she keeps losing weight and not having quite as much wine, I'm happy!

"I had never followed an exercise plan before and it was certainly the first time I had ever enlisted the help of a personal trainer, so I had no idea what to expect! I need not have worried. Troy is great in his approach to encourage you to keep going, in a manner that is positive and supportive. Each session is different and challenging and you always leave feeling like you have really worked hard. He ensures you have the correct posture and technique and knows a ridiculous amount of information on the benefits of intensity training and correct eating. (Unfortunately he doesn't rate wine as a healthy choice!) The benefits I can see and feel since starting with Troy are amazing. When I first started, I was just looking to lose a bit of weight, but he has completely changed my way of thinking and I'm loving the way my body changes due to exercise and healthy choices. I would not hesitate to recommend Troy to anyone else he's ace!"

Troy was recommended by numerous people and from my very first PT session he was completely professional and I could see why he's always fully booked!