Katie - Weight Loss & Tone

Katie - Before and after

When Katie first came to me, she was very new to exercise. She had done next to nothing in terms of different, innovative training. Her exercise routine was very monotonous and it wasn't consistent enough to see results. I explained the importance of having variety in her training and also gave her a lot of help with her diet. She is now a stone lighter and extremely happy with the way she's looking.

"Training with Troy has given me huge motivation and determination to achieve my own personal goals. Troy has helped improve my fitness and diet and I am now seeing results, 1 stone lighter and another step closer to achieving my goals. Working out with Troy isn't easy, however he always makes it interesting and enjoyable as every session is different. Troy is a pleasure to work with and always pushes you to your limits. If you want to see results, I highly recommend Troy."

I have been training with Troy for six weeks and I have lost a stone in weight and can now see my abs!