Jasmine - Improve Fitness & Tone

Jasmine - Before and after

Jasmine, has a real passion for training. Her motivation and enthusiasm for getting in the gym and 'tearing it up' is infectious. We spoke in depth regarding her training and more importantly, her eating habits. I wanted to make sure what she was doing outside of our sessions was complimenting what we were doing in our sessions. Rest and recovery was something we looked at in detail and I believe she is now well equipped to get in any shape she likes.

"After Christmas I felt terrible about my body and because I'd heard so many positive things about Troy's training, I decided I was going to give it a go. Now, hand on heart, I am the fittest and leanest I've been since I started training at the age of 16! Armed with lots of eating and training tips,Troy has helped me to push past my limits (something I used to be scared of) and now it's second nature to absolutely destroy anything I do! I have trained with other personal trainers and took part in numerous fitness classes, but nothing has been as good as training with Troy. If results are what you want then Troy's the one to go to. Thanks for everything Troy!"

I have been training with Troy for six weeks and I have lost a stone in weight and can now see my abs!