Emma - Weight Loss, Tone & Run 5k

Emma - Before and after

I've known Emma for a number of years. I first met Emma when I was working as a fitness instructor for my local leisure centre. She used to come to my spinning classes and she was always really quiet and shy. Now? well, now she has come out of her shell so much! I've watched her body transform, but also I've watched her confidence transform and that has been the best part about working with Emma! Emma takes part in Fit Farm, Shred 7 AND HardCORE Abs! I hope Emma is around for many years to come, because she is a fantastic client and someone I'm proud to call a friend.

"I really enjoy training with Troy. Not only is each session completely different to the last, but he motivates me to do the best I can. I am really pleased with my progress so far. I have lost weight, dropped body fat and I'm also comfortably running 5k - everything I set out to do when I started working with Troy. Troy is a fantastic Personal Trainer and I've never looked better or felt safer."

After just 2 weeks of training with Troy, I started to see great results and felt 100% better in myself and for the first time, actually looking forward to training and building my strength and stamina.