Emma Jane - Weight Loss & Improve Fitness

Emma Jane - Before and after

I could tell when Emma first came to her Personal Training session she was slightly nervous. Who wouldn't be? It can be a scary environment to come in to when you your self esteem is low. Fortunately for Emma, I'm not the type of trainer to shout and scream at people, (Not all the time anyway) its not really my style. To be honest, if I had done that with Emma, I don't think she would have come back! We took things slow to begin with, as I didn't want to scare her off and I wanted her to enjoy exercise again. We did however sample a few 'burpee's' early on, which I don't think she was too impressed with! I'm pleased to say, now, she has mastered those burpee's, along with everything else I throw at her! Emma has overcome a lot of personal battles to get to where she is today and myself, as her trainer, am incredibly proud of her. Great job Emma!

"I was ashamed of my weight & lack of fitness. My thought was 'Am I fit enough to start PT Sessions?!'. Now I look back, I realise how silly that was as it's the whole reason I wanted to start! It took a lot of courage to ask for help and a friend recommended Troy.

As soon as I met Troy he didn't judge, he didn't make me say how much I weighed or how much I wanted to loose. I knew there was no backing out. My goal was to enjoy fitness again. My result is exactly that; a loss of 2 and a half stone and a loss 11 Inches from bum, tum and thighs. I feel great, can achieve more than I ever thought I could and my self esteem has been boosted too.

I couldn't have done this without Troys 1-2-1 Personal Training. His knowledge is his power but it's his enthusiasm which pulls the switch. But it's true, even after a long day at work when I'd rather be chilling, Troy motivates you and enables you to work for the results you want. I'd recommend Troy Lake to everyone! No workout is ever the same and thank you just isn't enough."

Troy is the Personal Trainer that everyone is talking about and you can see why!