Damian - Weight Loss & Improve Rugby Performance

Damian - Before and after

Damian is from a rugby background and everyone knows they like a good drink! He embraced a lifestyle change and his results were excellent. Not only did he perform well during his sessions, he was also very keen to learn what he could be doing outside of our sessions. I'm very pleased with how much Damian has progressed and this has also been evident in his rugby performances.

"I decided to train with Troy after finding him on Facebook. One of the things I like about Troy is he is really easy to communicate with. Within 5 minutes of the first session I felt at ease and I had goals and targets set out. Since then, I've been working with Troy on a weekly basis, being pushed further towards my goals session upon session. Troy is a fantastic and knowledgeable trainer and very easy to get along with. To date, I have lost 1.5 stone".

Troy was recommended by numerous people and from my very first PT session he was completely professional and I could see why he's always fully booked!