Charlotte - Weight Loss, Tone & Improve General Fitness

Charlotte - Before and after

Charlotte is a machine! She even puts some of my male clients to shame when it comes to squats! (sorry guys) When Charlotte first came to me, she was exercising but she wasn't particularly enjoying it. She didn't have a routine and like most people, was going to the gym and doing the same thing each week. I have added a lot of variety to Charlotte's Personal Training sessions and also included a lot more weight training which her body has responded to well. Great work Charlotte!

"I started training with Troy mainly to improve my fitness and tone up. Before training with Troy, My weight would always fluctuate, but now, Troy has taught me how to use weights and cardio effectively to lose the pounds - for good! I now find training more fun and I am able to control my weight much better."

I have varied between very big and reasonably small over the years, but this is the first time I have ever had the support to do it sensibly and sustainably and its thirty years since I felt this fit!