Bev - Weight loss & help with diet

Bev - Before and after

Bev is one of the most inspirational ladies I've met. Cancer almost beat her but she refused to give up. She's now kicking butt in Personal Training!

"It took me a long time to pick the phone up to book an appointment with Troy as i was very nervous i would not be able to do the exercises but as soon as i met Troy he was really nice & gave me so much confidence. I have never done the same training each time i have been & really look forward to going. Troy encourages me & if there is some exercise i find abit difficult that is fine. Troy changed my diet slightly & it is really working. I really recommend Troy as a personal trainer & when my sessions are over would love to continue maybe joining one of his group sessions x"

After just 2 weeks of training with Troy, I started to see great results and felt 100% better in myself and for the first time, actually looking forward to training and building my strength and stamina.