Andy - Transform Lifestyle, Improve Diet & Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Andy - Before and after

Andy is one of my longest serving clients. He is a great example of what you can achieve if you put the work in. I've lost count of how many sessions he has had with me and he's never missed a single one! Andy started off training with me on a 121 basis, but now also takes part in Shred 7 Group Personal Training. He has also attended my hardCORE abs class and Fit Farm. Yes, he loves his exercise!

"I would recommend Troy to anyone. I have been with him almost from the start and no 2 sessions are ever the same. I like the fact he gives you all the information you need to take control of your own fitness. He has totally changed my lifestyle and I am eating healthier than I ever have! His training methods have inspired me so much, I have cancelled my gym membership!"

If you think training at the gym is tough, then you need to try a session with Troy. He will have you working muscles you didn't even know you had! I would recommend starting up with Troy to anybody.