Andy - Fat Loss & Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Andy - Before and after

Andy currently works away, so it's difficult to get into a set exercise routine. However, he always makes sure he is first on the list for my abs class 'hardCORE' and my Bootcamp 'Fit Farm' whenever he is home. What I like about Andy is, even when he's away, he's constantly putting into practice the things that we have gone through during our sessions. He could be anywhere in the world and he will still be doing one of our ab workouts!

"I absolutely love going to Troy and his classes hardCORE and Fit Farm, you always know you have had a worthwhile workout after every session. Troy's training and the diet plan he gave me are absolutely brilliant. I'm extremely happy with the progress so far."

Troy is the Personal Trainer that everyone is talking about and you can see why!