Andrea - Weight Loss

Andrea - Before and after

Andrea originally started training with me in order to lose weight she had gained through an inactive lifestyle and poor dietary habits. She was new to exercise, so we started slow and gradually worked our way up to some more challenging workouts. I'm pleased to say she has lost weight, but her fitness has also sky rocketed! She's like a Duracell bunny, she never stops! Well done Andrea!

"I started training with Troy to become fitter and lose some weight. I had never done any exercise before or maintained a healthy diet. My friend said she was going going training with Troy, so I decided to go too. I've always wanted to go, but never wanted to go alone! I am so glad I chose to train with Troy, as he makes me feel comfortable, and he has also boosted my confidence tremendously. I couldn't of done it without troy's help, advice and his confidence in me."

I've lost 3 stone and I've never felt better! Thanks Troy!