Amy - Weight Loss

Amy - Before and after

It took Amy months to pluck up the courage to eventually come and see me. When she did, she walked in with her head down, shoulders hunched forward and I sensed a real lack of confidence. I instantly warmed to Amy, I believed how much she wanted to change and to be honest, I went above and beyond what is usually expected of a PT. She has now completely transformed her lifestyle and to date, she is one of my most successful clients. She now arrives to each session with her head held high, laughing and joking and I'm very happy to be a part of that transformation.

"I started training with Troy to lose weight and improve my fitness... as you do! However, training with Troy has also improved my confidence tremendously! I am doing things I never imagined (running being one of these). The biggest thing Troy has taught me is how to eat properly, and this in itself is invaluable! (I still have a little naughty treat now and again but who doesn't!) Troy has made me realise training is not just about hitting the gym a few times a week, it's a way of life! I come out of each session dripping with sweat and ache for days! (Which is a good thing) As well as personal trainer, I have gained a friend and a life coach in Troy Lake!"

Troy makes exercise fun - one week we will be playing ‘workout bingo’ and the next it will be a tough Boxercise session.