Alan - Weight Loss, Improve Fitness for Football Performance & Increase Lean Muscle

Alan - Before and after

I first met Alan at Fit Farm. His friend Mike brought him a long for a trial session. Like most, he was immediately hooked (haha) and now he is like part of the furniture down at my gym!

"I have trained with Troy for a while now. I am a regular at his 'hardCORE abs class' and 'SHRED 7 Group Personal Training'. I also take part in Fit Farm on a Saturday morning. Troy has helped me enormously with the exercise element, but also the diet as well. The biggest change I noticed in my appearance was when I had a significant period off drinking. I felt so much better and I started to notice my body really changing. However, Troy should warn people they will need to factor in the cost of a new wardrobe when they lose weight! Thanks for all your help Troy".

I've trained with other Personal Trainers and took part in numerous fitness classes, but nothing has been as good as training with Troy!