Abbey - Lose Baby Weight, Look Better & Feel Better

Abbey - Before and after

Abbey started training with me, with her friends Rachel and Hayley. Their main goals were to lose weight, tone up and generally feel and look better. Abbey, mainly wanted to lose some of her baby weight. We carried out a number of different sessions including circuits, boxercise, MetaFit and weight training.

"I started training with Troy following a few recommendations from friends and family. I trained with my friends Rachel and Hayley. Our main goals were to lose weight and tone up, but I also wanted to lose a bit more 'baby weight'. Troy helped me with my diet by having me fill out a food diary and he analysed it the next time I saw him. He provided recommendations on what to keep and what to get rid of and it worked! I always felt better after our training sessions, even if I did have a little moan during them".

I have been training with Troy for six weeks and I have lost a stone in weight and can now see my abs!