What I'm going to earn in 2016

Posted By Troy 14/07/2016

I can't WAIT to see the stats on how many people opened this e-mail!

I bet the ones that didn't open it will be calling me all the names under the sun! ha

"I can't believe he is writing e-mails about his earnings!"

Truth is folks, I'm not really going to tell you what I'm going to earn in 2016 because obviously, no-one cares and I don't really know myself!

I have an inkling though after a little task I set myself yesterday

I decided I was going to work out my earnings from 1st January - 1st July (6 months)


Well, because If I double it, that's a rough idea of what I'm going to earn this year (business tip for all your business owners)

Why did I do it?

Well if a number came up that I'm not happy with, I have 6 months to work my ass off and change it!

Simple, but a pretty cool way of motivating yourself

It got me thinking...

...How can I relate this to health and fitness?

Well, look back over what you have done the last 6 months...

...The likelihood is that what you look like now, will be what you'll look like at the end of the year

Not happy?

You have 6 months!

Now, I don't know about you but an e-mail like this would light a fire inside my belly

I would be doing all I can to improve and better myself

Up to you what you do with it

Ready to change?

Fit Farm is back this Saturday

Here is a wee bit more info on Fit Farm (

Hope to see you there!

Troy 'Feeling Motivated' Lake

I was always one of those people making excuses not to exercise and now I can’t wait to get stuck in!