This will effect it...

Posted By Troy 07/06/2018

BIG divide in the 'Troy Lake PT household' at the moment

Person 1 - Enjoys going to bed early, getting up early and feeling rather productive throughout ones day

Person 2 - Enjoys staying up watching Love Island, snoozing until they HAVE to get up...

...And has a hard time putting the bins out/cutting the grass (Just saying!)

Can you guess who is who?

I once got asked a question actually, what do you love more food, or sleep?

It's a tough one isn't it!

I'm going to go FOOD!

However, I do realise the importance of getting a good nights rest!

Sleep is vital

Sleep also massively impacts on our willpower

"One study found that sleeplessness impaired activity in the frontal lobe, the region responsible for decision making; the reward centers of the brain were activated following one sleepless night and participants showed strong preferences for unhealthy foods like pizza and doughnuts over fruits and vegetables.

In fact, a 2016 meta-analysis noted that a lack of sleep led study participants to consume an extra 385 calories per day, which could lead to more than one pound of weight gain per week".

To conclude?


Be person 1 ^ ;-)

Troy 'Zzzzzzzz' Lake

PS Have a HEALTHY weekend!

Troy was recommended by numerous people and from my very first PT session he was completely professional and I could see why he's always fully booked!