The time I got my hair cut in Thailand

Posted By Troy 20/07/2016

So about 5 years ago, myself and my girlfriend went travelling

We visited some incredible places along the way!

It was actually whilst travelling that I started Personal Training

Personal Training on the beaches of Australia is a little different to Personal Training in the bad weather we usually have in England!

However, I digress...

...The first place we visited was Thailand and for some reason, I decided it would be a great idea to have my hair cut there! (What could possibly go wrong!?)

We went in to this little 'shop' down a side street and at first it looked pretty cool

There was a lady in there that looked like she knew what she was doing, so I thought "great, I'm on to a winner here!"

My girlfriend Vic had her nails done and then it was my turn (to have my hair cut and not my nails done)

It was at that point the lady who looked like she knew what she was doing, shouted through to another lady...

...Well, the lady that came out didn't look like she knew what she was doing!

She sat me down and started hacking away at my hair as I was telling her what I wanted doing

"I have my hair a bit like Olly know...Olly!?"

(She didn't know Olly)

She was literally grabbing my hair and razoring chunks out of it

I could only sit there and hope for the best

Vic was sat behind me rolling around laughing

The lady thought she was doing a great job!

About 5 minutes later, she 'finished'

I was quite surprised she had 'finished' because my hair certainly didn't look 'finished'

My street cred was certainly finished though!

It looked as though a blind Edward Scissor hands had had a go at me!

Anyway, my point here is that the damage was already done

I couldn't reverse it

Just the same as when you eat a bad meal, you can't go for a run and 'work it off'

If you want to look good, don't over do it in the first place

Happy Hump Day!

Troy 'I Was Butchered' Lake

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