Sunday reminder

Posted By Troy 16/03/2017

This your Sunday reminder that you can handle whatever this next week throws at you

Providing you 'prep like a boss' as Joe Wicks would say!

So today, make sure you:

Exercise - Even if it's just a 20 minute HIIT session

Prepare some food/complete food shop - Batch cook & freeze?

Grab some snacks - boiled eggs/protein muffins?

Research/schedule your workouts - check out some new training ideas & plan what day you're going to try them

Take care of your health/well being - meditate/rest/get a can't pour from an empty cup!

Get sh*t done!

Achieving at work and making the most of your working week begins on a Sunday

How you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally shapes your week ahead

Having a unprepared Sunday may mean you’re not in the right frame of mind for your week ahead

Missing a Sunday workout or not preparing snacks/food for the week gives you more to think about when the week begins which distracts you from the important factor in all this

The end goal is productivity, achievement and results

Using your Sunday properly can help you reach all three of the goals

Troy 'Loves An Organised Sunday' Lake

PS Oh and don't forget to sign up to the next Shred 7 Group Personal Training programme...

...If you haven't already! :-)

The programme is geared towards fat loss and would be great if you're looking to get in tip top shape for the summer

Troy has made ongoing exercise both enjoyable and productive for me.