"Meal prep like a BOSS!"

Posted By Troy 01/09/2017

...I'm sure you all have heard Joe Wicks say that ^, right?

But, do you know how to "meal prep like a boss"?

Or, do you even know what to have?

Let me help you...

Choose your vegetable:

Spinach Green beans Broccoli Sprouts Asparagus Kale Carrots Peas Squash

Choose your protein:

Chicken Turkey Fish Beef Pork Bacon Egg

Choose your starch:

Quinoa Rice Potatoes Whole grain pasta Oats Cous cous

Eating healthy is all about preparing

Good luck!

Troy 'Bossing It' Lake

PS Don't forget, if you need my help, I offer tailor made meal plans for £35...

...I have a few going out today actually!

I was always one of those people making excuses not to exercise and now I can’t wait to get stuck in!