I just didn't feel like doing it!

Posted By Troy 26/11/2015

Hiya guys!

So, today I am absolutely swamped with work

I have a million things to do and about 300 clients to train

Ok, so maybe not 300, but not far off!

I have just ate my lunch stood up because I knew if I sat down, I wouldn't get back up!

I've gave myself about 10 minutes to write this e-mail and the plan is to keep it brief

Even though I'm rambling already!

I'm feeling a little tired today

I usually get like that towards the end of the week

Training a lot of clients does take it's toll

Even though all I do is "stand there and tell people what to do" according to my friends!

I trained yesterday morning...

...But do you know what? I didn't want to

I just didn't feeling like doing it

(Even us Personal Trainers get like that from time to time)

The problem was, I had quite a few things on my mind that I needed to do...

...Such as my Christmas party and just general planning for next year

The thought of all that was putting me off wanting to train

I even started to tell myself my slightly strained hamstring was worse than what it was

I found myself starting to make excuses to not train

I was doing all the things I hate other people doing!

I even thought to myself, "should I be training this morning when I have such a busy day today? It will catch up with me later!"

Anyway, as much I hate this saying, I told myself to "man up"

Just as a side note, why do girls tell themselves to "man up"? It absolutely drives me mad!

They're not men!?

Anyhow, I got going with my training

I told myself I'm going to give it 5 minutes and see how I get on

And do you know what happened?

I completed my workout

1 hour later I was done

Turns out, I just needed to get going

Once I'd warmed up, I felt ready and raring to go

I recommend you do this when you're struggling to get going...

...Set your timer for 5 minutes on any particular task...

...And watch what happens

It's like magic!

This also works great with other things too

Got a deadline?

Don't want to do the work?

Set your timer for 5 minutes and watch the magic unfold

Your mind needs to warm up first

Just like your body!

I hope you use this e-mail because I think it could be a game changer for you

Speak to you tomorrow!

Troy 'Lasted Longer Than 5 Minutes' Lake

PS I'm currently looking after my Dads cat while he's away

Why don't they sit when you tell them to?

Give me a dog any day!

I already see the difference Troys workouts have made on my mind and body. I feel more confident and motivated!