I am craving one!

Posted By Troy 30/01/2018

Personal Training can be difficult sometimes, you know

I have lots of clients coming in and telling me they ate all this lovely (calorie dense) food at the weekend!

It doesn't help me when I'm trying to be good

Pizza, burgers, kebabs and one of my faves...PARMO'S!

For those of you on this e-mail list who aren't from around the Teesside area and don't know what a parmo is, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!

I'm not even going to describe what it is, because that never does it justice

Anyway, it's actually a parmo that I'm craving at the moment...

...More so, lately, at the end of the week...

...And more so at the end of the month!

Funny that isn't it!

So how do I kill off these cravings and not cave?

Here goes:

  • I remind myself why I'm eating healthy (to look and feel better & to provide a better service to my clients)
  • I drink a tonne of water
  • I eat a bucket load of vegetables (daily)
  • I eat protein dense food at EVERY meal
  • I eat little and often
  • I take snacks everywhere I go
  • I avoid some social situations where I know 'bad food' will be hard to turn down
  • I keep myself busy...all the time!

Try the above and see how you get on?

Troy 'Parmo Hunter' Lake

PS Whats your favourite 'bad meal'?

I've lost 3 stone and I've never felt better! Thanks Troy!