Fitness lessons from a toddler

Posted By Troy 03/10/2017

Not so long back it was Mrs Troy Lake Personal Training's Birthday (Victoria)

I took Vic to Ramside Hall Spa in Durham <--- Nice place!

I must admit, I do love a good spa break!

...It was probably more of a present for me if I'm being honest! ha

(Vic enjoyed it too though, so everyones a winner!)

Anyhow, while we were in the spa reading our books (like a couple of cool kids), I noticed a family playing in the pool

There was a Dad, a Mum and a toddler

The Mum was at one side of the pool and the Dad was at the other and they were teaching the toddler how to swim

The child, with her arm bands on, would set off from one side and frantically try and get to the parent at the other side

She would just about make it to the other side before sinking, before going again

It got me thinking

That used to be me!

And sometimes, still is

My weeks are pretty hectic

I set off at the start of the week, full of energy and then work really hard, before reaching the end of the week just before I crash and burn (or sink in the babies case)

I recover and then I do it all over again

Sound familiar?

Maybe your like this ^ with your training?

You set off going 100mph doing everything possible

New clothes, new supplements, gym 7 days per week and eat like a rabbit 



What's the rush?

My advice to the baby (or myself) would be to slow down

There isn't a'll get there eventually

Or, break it up in to stages and don't try to do everything all at once...

...You won't sink if you have arm bands on, just the same as you won't fail

It may just take a little longer

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Troy '20mph From Now On' Lake

PS Just in case anyone was wondering, the book I was reading was 'Tools Of Titans'.

I've trained with other Personal Trainers and took part in numerous fitness classes, but nothing has been as good as training with Troy!