Eating healthy on a budget

Posted By Troy 21/03/2017

Eating healthy doesn't have to be extortionate

Sure, I know eating meat over most microwave meals is more expensive, but you would get more nutritional value eating the box the microwave meal came in than the meal itself!

(That was just a joke before anyone starts eating cardboard because "Troy said so")

When you're buying your meat, your veg, or whatever it may be, first of all, think of it as an investment...

...An investment in your health!

I love going food shop for that reason ^

What I put in my body is extremely important to me

How I live my week (happy/sad) will largely depend on what I eat

So suck it up and stop moaning ;-)

Here are my top tips for eating healthy on a budget:

1) Buy in bulk Even if you go to a butchers, most of them will give you a discount if you buy in bulk

2) Use discount codes/vouchers I've just got a 2.5kg bag of whey protein from Bulk Powders for just over £20 because I found a 30% off voucher code!

3) Use the cheaper supermarkets I get most of my food from Aldi/Asda, because it's cheap and the quality of the food is great!

4) Be protein 'savvy' If you don't have lots of money to buy a boat load of meat, buy more eggs (great, cheap protein source)

5) Look out for bargains My food shop this week came to around £50 because I bought a few things that were in sale

6) Don't ignore the discount section for foods near their best before date We had a cracking chicken chasseur meal on Sunday lunch time with chicken we bought that day...3 chicken breasts for £2! :o

7) Plan what you're going to eat & don't stray from it

8) Stick to a shopping list

9) Cook at home rather than eating out

10) Cook large portions and use leftovers

11) Don't shop when you're hungry

12) Stop buying junk food - it soon adds up

13) Buy generic brands

Fortunately, the meals/food on my Shred 7 Group Personal Training meal plan are all affordable

You can get that meal plan for free when you sign up to the next programme

Don't delay, places are selling like hot cakes...

...Avoid them to save money too! ;-)

Troy 'Money Saving Expert' Lake

PS Think I have what it takes to replace Martin Lewis? 

That is the money man, isn't it?

I was always one of those people making excuses not to exercise and now I can’t wait to get stuck in!