Does counting calories work?

Posted By Troy 19/02/2018

In short - YES!

It absolutely DOES work

Fitness professionals/general populations can argue all they want about certain diets and whether they work or not

But, counting calories absolutely does work


You cant argue with science, I'm afraid

If it isn't working for you, you're doing something wrong...

...The most likely being, not adding up your calories correctly (or lying about what you're eating!)

There are lots of apps out there now that you can use to track your calories/macros

The best one is probably - 'My Fitness Pal'

But remember, there is a little more to it than just counting calories

A slice of pizza may contain the same amount of calories as an avocado, but the two will effect you very differently

Get your calories from the right sources!

In addition, you could eat your daily calories in one meal...

...This isn't advisable

A meal with that many calories in, probably isn't going to be very good for you

Breaking your calories up in to 3/4 smaller meals will also help sustain your energy levels

Hope this helps!

Troy 'Eat Right - Waist Tight' Lake

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