DIY Detox Water

Posted By Troy 20/07/2017

So 'detox' seems to be the latest buzz word!

Companies are making a fortune selling 'detox products'

The truth is, you don't need them

You can do your own 'detox'

Just stop eating/drinking rubbish

Anyhow, how about some 'detox water'?

Grab yourself:

1/2 sliced cucumber 1 sliced lime 1 sprig mint leaves

Add to a cup/jar and fill with water

Use a spoon to squash ingredients and there you go...

...A detox water!

Troy 'Dont Fall For It' Lake

PS Save your money and spend it on good quality food...

...Or a fabulous Personal Trainer! ;-)

Troy will not only give you a workout, he will fill you with confidence to change your life for the better.