Are you minding your own fitness?

Posted By Troy 16/10/2017

Ever find yourself complaining about things you cant control?

I'll be honest, I do!

"The weather is rubbish today. It's so windy. I'm not going to get anything done now!"

Complaining about the weather is pointless

You cant change it

Some would say, the weather is 'Gods business' and not yours

"I cant believe my friend acted that way. She's so rude"

Complaining about the way your friend acted is pointless

You cant change what she did

The way she acted is her business and not yours

The only thing you can control is the way YOU are and the things that YOU do

Do you know why?

Because that's YOUR business and that's the only thing that you can really control

Trying to control other things will only stress you out (trust me!)

Guess what?

When you're focusing on other peoples is looking after yours!

This is one of the main reasons why I don't look at what other PT's are doing

If I'm focussing on their PT business, who is looking after mine?

It's the same with fitness

If you're constantly worrying about the way other people look and the way that they conduct themselves...

...No-one is looking after your fitness!

To get more done and live a happier life, start focusing on YOU and what YOU can control

Mannnnnnn I'm feeling fired up today!

Troy 'Bringing Nothing But Heat' Lake

PS I was at a fitness conference yesterday in Glasgow

A bunch of the leading fitness professionals were there and I got the chance to ask them anything I wanted

More on that in another e-mail.

After just 2 weeks of training with Troy, I started to see great results and felt 100% better in myself and for the first time, actually looking forward to training and building my strength and stamina.