Are you eating 10's?

Posted By Troy 20/06/2018

"What on earth is he on about now!?" I hear you say

Don't worry folks, I'm going somewhere with this...

...I think! ha

Okay, so you're on a mission to be healthy

How do I know this?

Well, you're on my email list! ;-)

At the moment, you may be "eating 10's"

"10's" are you favourite foods...

...Pizza, crisps, chocolate, etc, etc

You know, all that tasty stuff! ;-)

Did you know that if you took your food down to say a number 5, you would still see some pretty good results!

So what's a 5?

A 5 is a lot better than what you're currently eating, but still not perfect

I.e. swapping your burger for a sandwich

Or, swapping your chocolate bar for a cereal bar

You don't have to do everything all at once

Take it in stages

What happens in stages?

It's not quite as overwhelming and you still may be able to eat some foods you enjoy!

Winner winner!

Still unsure? I offer meal plans for £40, if you need my help

Food for thought...

Troy 'Eat CleanER Get LeanER' Lake

PS In other news, my hay fever is terrible

I haven't been able to see properly since February!

I already see the difference Troys workouts have made on my mind and body. I feel more confident and motivated!